Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us get to know you better and help you in your quest to obtain the right family/livestock guardian dog and determine which puppy would best suit your lifestyle. Please use extra space/paper if required to add other relevant information or to ask any questions you may have for us.

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    1. What made you decide on a Komondor?

    2. From what source did you learn about our kennel?

    3. Have you owned dogs before? What happened to them?

    4. Do you have any personal experience with Koms?

    5. Where do you live? HouseApartmentDuplexOther

    5b. Where do you live? RuralSmall TownCity

    6. Do you ownrent

    7. Who will the puppy be sharing a home with? If there are children what are their ages?

    8. Do you have any other pets at this time?

    9. Is someone home during the day? yesno

    9b. If not what kind of arrangements will you be making for your new puppy?

    10. Will your dog be a housedog or an outside dog?

    11. Do you have a completely fenced yard, or if not, are you willing to make a large secure enclosure?

    12. What is the name, address, and phone number of your veterinarian?

    13. Do you plan to have your dog spayed/neutered? Why or why not?

    14. Are you interested in breeding? If so are you prepared to make a commitment to always do so with the best interests of the breed in mind?

    15. Are you aware of the specific health concerns of this breed?

    16. What is your experience with dog training and what do you plan to do to train this dog?

    17. Do you plan on attending puppy and/or obedience classes or training the dog yourself?

    18. Is everyone in your household in agreement with getting a puppy, in particular a Komondor?

    19. When would you ideally like to be able to get a puppy?

    20. Do you understand that you are making a commitment for the dog’s whole life which could be up to 15 years?

    21. What will you do with your Kom when you go on a holiday?

    22. Are you aware that Komondor are livestock guardian dogs requiring a purpose and a firm handler? How will you take care of their needs?

    23. Are you prepared to properly vaccinate, provide any other necessary veterinary treatment, feed a high quality food, license your Kom as per your areas requirements, and never allow him/her to be a neighborhood nuisance?

    24. Would you like a male or a female or would you prefer to take either sex of puppy that we feel best suits your family’s requirements?

    25. Are you willing to keep us informed of your puppy’s progress with regular updates and photos?

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    Now that you are on our waiting list please make sure to let us know if you should get a puppy or change your mind so our waiting list will be current. All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and will not be passed to anyone without your permission.